While falling in love might happen within minutes, staying in it is the real hustle. 

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After we fall in love, people enjoy every move in the relationship, including the wrong ones

However, things become hard immediately after the honey money period, that is, if it is for a married couple. This where different issues start emerging, partners start showing off their true colours.

There are key ways couples should employ to stay in their relationship, love, and marriages, these include:

1. Keep your expectation in control

Everything change with time so is your relationship. This means you should not expect to happy all the time, sometimes you might find yourself bored with your partner, but it should not mean walking out from the relationship. For one to overcome such changes, he/s should keep expectations in check.

2. Protect your love from external forces

Some external forces that might hook you out from relationship are entertaining your past lovers all the times, opposite-sex friends, which at the end of the day will lead to issues with your partner. 

3. Appreciate your lover

You are with your lover most probably you chose to be with him or her, show appreciation to him or her. 'For better, for worse,' stay together and be thankful. Do not act like you chose your option B.