Respect is all men need from their women for them to be loved. The more respect you show him the more love he will show you. Do you know that there are some things you do that make a man feel respected? 

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Here are some of the ways to show respect to your man

Appreciate his efforts 

Everybody needs to be appreciated when doing something, be it so small. If your man does something good, saying "thank you" can not cost you anything. This two-letter word means everything to him. It will encourage him to do his best another day.

Give him attention 

Interrupting or talking back to him when he is talking is the biggest disrespect you can show your man. To show that you respect him, give him time to talk and talk when it is your turn. 

Praise him in front of the kids 

You don't know how proud this makes him. Showering praises to your man in the presence of the children will show that you really treasure him as the father of your children. This will also make the children respect him more.

Apologize when in the wrong

No one makes mistakes in life because an error is to human. The best thing to do is to apologize to him genuinely and promise him that you will not repeat the same mistake. This will make your man know that you are humble to him.