If probably you are one of the people who have ever experienced dandruff you quite well know how devastating they can be from appearing on top of your hair, having an itchy scalp to the how difficult it can be to treat them.

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Most people have tried hair conditioners, creams, shampoo among other hair products with the hope that they will get rid of dandruff but they end up scratching their scalps. This might be because each of these products treats different types of dandruff which might not be the one you having.

Here are three types of dandruff and how to get rid of them;

1. Dry dandruff

Dry dandruff appears as white or grey parched and flaking particles that result in a painful scalp due to scratching, drier and curlier hair. To treat dry scalp dandruff, ensure that you remain hydrated, use moisturizing and hydrating hair products or also apply peppermint oil on the scalp.

2. Product buildup dandruff

This is caused when a person uses too much hair products without washing their hair often. This dandruff looks like balls of dirt or as tiny clumps. To get rid of this dandruff, wash your hair more often or limit the number of products you apply on your hair.

3.  Fungal growth

This is a type of dandruff that forms as a result of oiliness and unbalanced pH of the scalp, allergic reaction from the hair products used or even poor cleaning habits. To treat such dandruff, use free sulfate products.