Your health is what you should give first priority as far as life is concerned. These 5 things will guarantee you short life;

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1. Smoking and drinking

Doesn't matter whether you do it just once a day or one cigger a day. Smoking is very dangerous for your health because it could cause you lung cancer, stomach cancer, heart trouble and even vision problems. Same to alcohol which is dangerous for the liver.

2. Driving when you can walk

For the fellows with cars, body activity matters. Do not drive when you can walk. A little walk keeps your body active. 

The fellows without cars should also consider walking whenever they can. Simply engage in exercises to keep body processes active.

3. Minimizing the amount of your sleep for being a 'busy person'

Sleep is very important for your health. Lack of sleep causes exhaustion, fatigue and poor brain health. Health experts advise that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep in order to build a uniformly healthy body.

4. Living on a diet with no fruits and vegetable

It is not wrong to gor for 'nyama choma'. However, you need to limit this and most importantly incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. Vegetables are good for the body against cancer, cardiovascular diseases and type2 diabetes.

5. You sit for too long

Especially office workers who hunk over computers for many hours without a break. This could ruin your health by slowing down your body's metabolism and also exposes you to heart disease. Simply take some beaks from the job and walk around. A 10-minute walk a day could help.