Politics is not for the faint-hearted. The consequences of losing an election are always very harsh and only the strong can absorb that. 

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And for former Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba, two years after the last general election, he is still languishing in the Political cold.

A key ally of Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Bedzimba is one of the seasoned politicians in the county since his days as nominated Councilor before winning the Mjambere Ward seat in 2007. 

From then, he developed his political muscle under Joho to win the Kisauni MP seat in 2013. He would later become Joho’s right-hand man ahead of the 2017 political contest.

Bedzimba would unfortunately become a victim of Kisauni’s one-term cycle politics as he lost the seat to a newcomer Ali Mbogo. 

This is despite enjoying the support of his political mentor Joho and riding on the ODM wave that swept across the region.

Since his loss, he was once seen as Joho’s choice for Mombasa County Assembly Speaker. However it was not to be as another Joho ally in Harub Khatri was elected to lead the regional Parliament.

With three years remaining to the best general election it remains to be seen what the future holds for the Ex-GSU officer. 

And even as he maintains loud silence on his next political move Bedzimba continues to languish in the cold. Not even Joho has saved him. And the long wait out of the woods continues.