Lawyer Cliff Ombetta On Saturday claimed that the charges against Embakasi East Member of Impalement Babu Owino will depend on the health condition of the man he allegedly shot.

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Speaking to Media while at Gigiri police station where Babu Owino is being held, Ombetta declined to comment on the preferred charges that will be labelled against the legislator.

The lawyer further revealed that DJ Evolve, the man who was allegedly shot, had responded positively to treatment.

Ombeta pointed out that when Babu Owino will be arraigned in court, one of the crucial determining factors on the charges that will be presented against him will be the status of the victim as at the time of the arraignment.

"At this particular moment, I cannot be able to tell you where the charges that will be preferred are determinable at the moment. Why? Because the victim is still in the hospital. In as much as he has done a lot of recoveries, for the charges to be brought to court one of the things is the condition or the status of the victim. So until that one is also confirmed, then that one we cannot be able to say," Ombetta stated.

Babu Owino is currently being held at Gigiri police station.