A story is told of Muindi Mbingu, a celebrated freedom fighter and the face of the Kamba anti-colonialism push.

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Mbingu, a former Colonial Police employee left his position to lead his people in pushing the British to have their taken land returned and be allowed to keep their livestock like before.

He led a massive demonstration of people from Ngelani to Kariokor, then known as Carrier Corps, where they camped for a month demanding to see governor Sir Robert Brooke.

And though it took the intervention of Brooke's wife to have their confiscated cattle released, Mbingu would end up messing when he resorted to speaking in Akamba.

Mrs Brooke had convinced her husband to release the cattle after seeing a woman breastfeeding her children in the cold.

When he got the opportunity to address the governor, 40-year-old Mbingu said; "Twenda kwikala ta maau mau maitu, tuithye ngombe to Maau mau maitu, nundu nthi ino ni ya maau mau maitu," he said.

This translates to; "(We want to live like our grandfathers, keep cattle like our grandfathers, for the land we live on is our grandfathers).

On hearing the Mau Mau repetitions, the governor had him locked up for glorifying the outlawed Mau Mau freedom fighters, and was detained in Lamu for seven years, and made an informer of the British upon release.

He died in 1953.