Falling in love with the best person you thought you will send your life with but later fall out is an experience no one wishes to encounter in life. The experience becomes more painful when you have children with your ex and you have to work together despite your separation to give the children the parental care they deserve.

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Co-parenting is quite hard since you will have to awaken past break up memories even though you really wish to forget about the person and move on.

These tips will make co-parenting easier;

1. Keep off your anger 

What you shared with your ex before the children came is none of their business. You should keep off any anger when your ex does not show up after stating they will visit to check out the children. Keep your flaws low, use kind words and allow for make up time later.

2. Avoid negative words towards your ex

Children are very keen on what their parents do or say. Negative words about their other parent only make them lose respect and view them as irresponsible of their happiness and prosperity and this can lead to disrespect or make co-parenting more difficult.

3. Create boundaries

Since each one of you had accepted your separation and probably moved on, as well as settling to giving the little ones the care they deserve from their parents, it is important to focus only on what affects the baby and avoid indulging in past memories about your relationship. This will only worsen the break-up and take you back to grief.