In a relationship, one of the powerful things that keep things together is communication. A good flow of communication between the couple will automatically make the relationship last longer. 

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In the case where your partner does not listen to you in your relationship, that is very risky as it may lead to problems in your relationship. However, here is what to do when your partner happens not to be listening to you.

1. Don’t accuse him or blame him

Most of the partner stops listening to their partner they are being accused or blamed for something. Therefore, in order not to lose their concentration, avoid blaming your partner and rather, talk to him or her on how you feel emotionally.

2. Speak concisely, then pause

The lesser you speak, the more your points will sink into your partner’s mind. The continuous talk will make your partner bored and stop listening to you. Just make sure that whenever you are trying to make a point, talk less, and pause to enable your partner to sink the points.

3. Ask for attention

Another way of making your partner listen to you is by asking for their attention first. Where after them giving you their attention, you can now talk to them knowing that you’ve got their attention.