In his prime, John Ariisi O' Sababu, the bandmaster for Kirwanda Songa 78 Jazz, recorded a number of songs that rule the airwaves to date.

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Such was his Music fame, that thousands of people thronged his Bonyakoni home for his 1998 sendoff.

The Legend of Gusii Music, only closely trailed by the Sungusia band, could often sing about real-life experiences which were symbolic of the common life.

But, how could the Gusii Maestro rock the airwaves in a time when VCDs and DVDs were still a dream? 

Here are the reasons why his songs remain relevant to date among all the generations;

1. His songs have an emotional connection

When he could sing, you could literally speculate he was singing your mind. Most of his songs strongly connect with people, by singing how a person feels or telling about emotions that have enslaved someone.

For instance, many can relate to his 'Omwanchi Jane Posta' song, which is about a love relationship where the man is so infatuated with a woman who is cold and playing hard to get.

2. Most of his songs stir a reaction

No matter how stiff your body is, listening to his songs play from a sound system, loosens you up into dancing mode. Most people often sing along to the King of benga songs when they play.

His 'Rero 25' hit, is often played during Christmas day and people of all ages sing along to the lyrics in celebration. It's also hard to resist a dance to his 'Engaki Yesuguku' song on the eve of Christmas day.

3. All his songs are memorable

With his exotic style of singing that is authoritative, most of his songs are hooky. He often crafted his songs well, clearly singing out his message which presumably, led to his nickname 'omwalimu'. 

His song musicality often woes one and the lyrics stick like glue to a listener's mind.

His hit song 'Chisemi', motivates school going students to work hard in class for a better future. His advice in the song is so clear and memorable.