The Kisumu Port could be a political trap aimed at influencing the Luo nation's mindset ahead of the 2022 polls.

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Already, the port has since kicked off operations, ahead of its launch scheduled for Tuesday, to be headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Here are the three reasons why the revival of the port could be more of a political trap than of economical benefit to locals.

1. To push them into embracing the brewing 2022 alliance

Well aware that the revival of the port would be seen as a gain to the entire Luo Nyanza region, given that it serves all the Nyanza counties, which touch Lake Victoria, it is possible that Uhuru and Raila carefully picked it for that purpose.

It's worth noting that the port has even been nicknamed the 'handshake project' because its revival and expansion has been seen as a fruit of the 2018 truce between the two.

The goal could be to soften the region's heart towards Uhuru, and suppress any serious resistance from Nyanza people should Uhuru seek to unite with Raila for a joint political journey ahead of 2022.

The two, or Uhuru, can now easily troop back to Nyanza and argue his case, promising the people, even more, should they support whatever he wants them to.

2. Legacy

Uhuru is son to founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the ruler under whose tenure the infamous Kisumu massacre was recorded, one which left scores dead and others injured when the police opened fire on locals in 1969.

This worsened the Kikuyu-Luo political enmity that had begun earlier in 1966 when Raila's father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was forced into resigning as first Vice President.

Since then, Luos have been seen as the face of opposition and the biggest victims of political exclusion, a narrative Uhuru could be out to reverse.

Uhuru could be seeking the approval of the Nyanza region now that he is approaching retirement, which will mean that he will have to some extent undone what was done by his dad.

3. The Ruto factor

In the most unlikely event that Uhuru ultimately keeps his initial promise to endorse his deputy William Ruto for the top seat, then the region will be indebted to the DP too.

This is because he is part of the government under whose tenure the port has been renovated to a tune of Sh3 billion, and will obviously be using the port factor in the pursuit of a repayment, votes, in this context.

The port, in addition to his support for Uhuru in the 2007 elections, might just see him capture several votes from the Nyanza region.