Renowned activist and socio-political commentator Boniface Mwangi has claimed that his interview with renowned television show host Tony Gachoka has been edited to remove some 'hard truth' he spewed during the interview.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Boniface Mwangi revealed that the recording of the interview had to be disrupted twice because the producer was concerned that what he was saying might spell legal trouble.

"Looking forward to watching this interview tonight. The recording was stopped twice because @TonyGachoka's producer thought, wisely so, that some of the things we were both saying might get us arrested. I'm sure some of the “hard truth” won’t make it in the final cut. Bora Uhai," the activist's tweet read.

Boniface Mwangi has a fierce reputation for being brutal in his criticism, criticism that has landed him in legal trouble a couple of times.

It is that unsparing criticism that has earned him a huge following on social media platforms where he writes posts that take aim of the Uhuru-led government and high profile individuals.

The interview with Tony Gachoka set to be aired in a matter of hours will focus on a litany of topical issues with politics expected to take centre stage.

Boniface Mwangi's foray into politics in the 2017 election ended in failure as he lost to governing Jubilee's candidate Charles Kanyi Njagua.