A concern has been raised in Mombasa after a report revealed that children as young as seven years are sodomising each other.

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Parents have now been asked to beware of this shocking revelation especially during this long holiday that will see children spend at least two months at home before reopening of schools.

Gender-Based Violence Recovery Centre report has revealed that the number of children sodomising each other has risen up.

The nurse in charge and a counsellor, Ms Saida Mwinyi has urged parents to keep an extra eye on their children.

According to Ms Mwinyi, most of the sexual abuses on children are being perpetrated by close relatives.

She noted that they have handled different cases of that kind with some going unreported. 

From their sensitisation campaigns, they found out that most men who had been sexually abused never reported the abuse to the authority.

She listed oral sex as the new emerging abuse that was reported the most.  

“But we need to talk to our children, going by the cases we have handled. It is worrying, and sad. We have received cases of minors between seven and eight years old sodomising each other,” Ms Mwinyi said as quoted by Nation.

In the past two weeks, the centre has recorded increased cases of sodomy.

Mombasa-based counsellor and a director at Okoa Sasa, Ms Grace Odembo, said that children who are sodomised end up being homosexuals if they are not taken through a proper counselling.

Parents are asked to escort their children to public places like beaches. They should also report any sexual abuse on their kids within 72 hours so that they are given proper medical care in time.