When couples are moving in together, all they usually think is that living together will be simple since they are in a relationship. Surprisingly, after one week of moving in, that is when the partner’s come to their senses by discovering a few things from their significant other. 

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Here are some of the lessons one learns from living with their partner.

1. How clean or messy you are

If you thought that you are the cleanest, wait until your partner to either prove you wrong or confirm it. It always a two-way scenario where your partner might be cleaner than you or messier than you thought. 

Living together with your partner will eventually open your view on the side of cleanliness.

2. Your showering habit is funny

Before moving in with your boyfriend, you had no issue with your showering habit. However, now that you are sharing the same bathroom with your hubby, you learn that he keeps complaining of how you leave the bathroom dirty or even leaving soap bottle unarranged.

3. Are you a morning person?

Here, now that you live with your significant other, it doesn’t matter whether you are a morning person or not. You may hate the fact your partner forces you to talk early in the morning or even hate that your hubby does not talk to you while taking breakfast.

A relationship is a learning process that reveals news things every day!