Residents of Kiptuiya village in Chesumei constituency, Nandi County were shocked after a man exhumed the remains of his father Wednesday. 

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According to reports, the man was digging out the remains of his father to ask him where their land is, now that they have been evicted from the land they have been living in for many years. 

In the video, the man is seen digging into his father's grave of many years as he cries. 

''I have suffered, I have suffered my dad. I don't have a place to take my children. (Nimeumia, nimeumia baba yangu, sina pahali pa kupeleka watoto),'' cried the man

The man, surrounded by other evictees, managed to dig out his father's skeleton. 

He placed his father's skull on his head as he walked around crying. Other evictees joined him in wailing as they walked around. 

Many people have been evicted from the Mau land. As the evictions continue, some claim they don't have anywhere to go. 

The incident happened after more than 2000 people were asked to move from a 30-acre piece of land in Kiptuiya village. 

A court order had directed first owners of the land to evict other tenants in their land. 

The Mau evictions have been characterized by a lot of drama among residents and even leaders.