Members of the Kisumo, Kano Kolwa and Kajulu sub clans in Kisumu have threatened to take the Kisumu County government to court over a prime land tussle.

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Squatters from the area are accusing Governor Anyang' Nyong'o's leadership of failing to return their ancestral land that was taken for the Kisumu Municipality expansion 50 years ago.

Through their Kikako Welfare Association, the group says that the county is yet to return the communal land, despite a National Land Commission (NLC) directive in March.

The commission ruled that the land located along the Kisumu-Kakamega road belongs to the communities and should therefore be returned, they said on Sunday.

"It is sad that even after the Government gave us back our land, we continue to suffer and people continue to grab our land and develop while others sell,” said the welfare chair Mbogo Ayoki when the squatters congregated at Kanyakwar.

He said delays by the county to form a task-force to look into the return of the 900-acre piece of land has delayed justice for them.

“It was a community land and it had not been adjudicated by the time our parents were evicted, so it was a difficult case. But we are glad that the National Land Commission got in and sorted it out,” he added.

Their remarks were contradicted by County Director of Information Alloyce Ager, who denied knowing about the said pending formation of a task-force.

However, he confirmed that the group had met the county boss over the land issue.