Swedish diver Volker Bassen may have after all discovered the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu, US-based activist has claimed.

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The two drowned at Likoni channel last week but a week later, their bodies are yet to be retrieved despite the efforts by Kenya Navy and other agencies.

Last week, Volker volunteered to retrieve the bodies in two hours, but his efforts seemed to have stalled after admitting on Friday that it wasn't possible.

“I want to retract on my earlier statement that I would recover the car and the bodies in just two hours. There is zero visibility and channel is very deep,” he said, praising the Kenya Navy divers whom he worked with for being “brilliant”. 

“Divers are putting their lives on the line. This is a recovery process and not a rescue mission and it is time to reflect on the risks involved.”

But Samuel Okemwa, an activist from the diaspora, argues that the diver may have located the bodies but blocked from retrieving them.

Okemwa in a text added that KDF wanted to face save having gone several hours without locating the vehicle and the bodies in Indian Ocean.

"He is an experienced diver and it's impossible that he couldn't see the bodies. He saw them and KDF stage-managed the interview just to cover embarrassment. They don't want him to take credit."

Until now, no signs of recovery at the Kenyan coast. Kenya Ferry Services has been under immense criticism following the tragedy, with Kenyans calling for its disbandment.