Marriage can be very challenging at times because as time goes, some fall out of love.

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However, some of the factors that lead to falling out of love are within the human control.

1.  Build trust

Trust is what binds a couple together. Therefore, any couple determined to grow and nurture love in their marriage has to build trust and honesty is key in this. 

2. Communicate

Communication is the biggest tool a couple can use to understand each other. In the absence of a viable and sustainable communication channel, the gaps that present themselves can damage the relationship greatly.

3. Love unconditionally

The only kind of love that can sustain marriage is unconditional love. In order to grow and strengthen love in your marriage, love them unconditionally. Understand that your partner is imperfect and love them the way they are. 

4. Put each other first

You have your life and so does your partner. However, marriage means sharing one life. If you don't make your partner your priority, chances are that your marriage will collapse. Grow love by putting your partner first.

5. Give up the need to be right

One thing that kills love in marriage is thinking that you are always right, or always wanting to be right even when you are wrong. Do not defend your wrong side. Instead, accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.