"Voters are urged to avoid violating the secrecy of the ballot by sharing photos of marked ballot papers," IEBC tweeted.

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10:05am : IEBC cautions voters against taking photos of marked ballot papers.

"I am here (in Kibra) purposely following the earlier incident where an individual was seen bribing voters. In regard to voting, IEBC is falling short as residents are complaining that their names are not in the registers," Mbadi said.

9:50am : ODM chairman John Mbadi in Kibra to follow-up on voter bribery claims.

"The KIEMS kits being used to bio-metrically identify voters are working optimally. We urge all registered voters in Kibra constituency to turn out and exercise their democratic rights," IEBC tweeted.

"Voters, candidates and agents are urged to maintain order at the polling station and to avoid wearing or carrying campaign materials and to avoid campaigning while on the queue.

9:30am : IEBC issues status update on progress of the mini poll, urges voters to turn out and exercise their democratic right.

"I encourage everyone to come out, cast their votes and remain vigilant. We are here to not only vote, but also to protect our vote," Winnie Odinga said.

9:00am : The wife of late Ken Okoth; Monica Okoth, Winnie Odinga; daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga vote at Old Kibra primary school.

8:40am : Limited action reported in some polling stations in the constituency. At Jamhuri primary school polling centre, not much is happening. At ACK Trinity church lower voter turnout has been reported.

Situation at ACK Trinity church polling station in Kibra. [Source/Ali Manzu]

8:00am : Commotion reported in Mashimoni squatters after claims that an individual attempted to bribe voters. Angry residents wanted to lynch him but the police saved him and is under custody.

7:00am : Some KIEMS voting kits reportedly breakdown, IEBC officers hold meeting to identify way forward.

6:30am : A section of leaders representing various candidates in the race express satistfaction with the organisation of the poll.

6:00am : Voting begins in polling stations around the constituency.

The voting process entails; name identification and ID verification, fingerprint and photo identification, issuing of ballot paper, marking the ballot paper, and finally casting the ballot.

The race has attracted 24 candidates.

Kibra has five wards namely; Laini Saba which has 17,455 registered voters, Lindi 16,688, Makina 25,695, Woodley 28,066, and Sarang'ombe with 30,754.

The polling stations were opened at 6:00am.

Residents of Kibra constituency have today trooped to various polling stations to elect their next Member of Parliament in a highly contested race.