Peter Ngugi, a suspect in the murder of Lawyer Wille Kimani and his associates has shared with a court of law details of how he was roped in in the murder plot.

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The details read like the plotline of a Netflix thriller.

Ngugi narrated how the movements of the city lawyer and an associate called Josphat Mwendwa were monitored as a plot to murder them was being hatched by a group of police officers.

The suspect, in a statement to the court, explained how in June 2016 he met with a police officer called Frederick Leliman who told him that he had a job that he would like him to do that involved killing one of Lawyer Wille Kimani's associates, Mwendwa.

"A police officer called Frederick Leliman told him that there was a job that he wanted him to do that involved killing one of the people who lost their lives who was called Josphat Mwendwa (Afisa wa polisi Frederick Leliman ambaye aliweza kumwelezea kwamba kuna kazi angetaka amsaidie na kazi hiyo ilikuwa ya kummaliza mmoja ambaye alipoteza maisha yake ambaye anaitwa Josphat Mwenda), ' a Citizen TV reporter reported on the revelations in a video shared on YouTube. (1:06-1:20)

The suspect who is a resident of Dagoretti, went on to reveal that he was given Sh2,000 as fare. He was later taken to a Mlolongo court and shown by the officer the person that was wanted dead.

Ngugi would later call Leliman to inform him that he had spotted the late Josphat Mwendwa who was said to be in the company of two other people, among them lawyer Willie Kimani. 

The three were later, according to the suspect, taken to a forest in Syokimau, where they were killed on the instructions of Leliman.