Police officers in Wajir County shot in the air and threw teargas canisters at locusts in an effort to disperse them.

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The officers are reported to have been acting on the advice of the Wajir County Livestock office.

The residents of the areas which have been invaded by the locusts were also urged to make a lot of noise to disperse the swarm of locusts.

The resident used motorbikes and cars in an effort to keep the insects away.

According to the county government, the government has intervened in the matter and sent in a helicopter for an aerial spray of insecticides. 

The helicopter that was deployed has however not yet reached Wajir County and is expected to start operation in the affected parts of the county from January 6.

"They have already sent a helicopter to do us an aerial spray. The helicopter as we speak is in Mandera county, it has not come to us. We are expecting that support on the 6th of January. The damage is there but is worse if it stays overnight," Noor Mohamed, the County Executive Committee (CEC) for Livestock in Wajir County, stated.

Locusts cause damage by feeding on green crops and plantations.

They move around in swarms and can cause a lot of damage within a short period of time.