Most women experience mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety when their delivery dates near. It is at this stage when they spent most of their times asking fellow women as well as their doctors about childbirth.

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Even though most women wish to have a normal delivery, different circumstances force the doctors to advise for a caesarean section to avoid losing both the mother and the baby or one of them.

Here's what no one will tell you about C-sections;

1. Your legs will be numb for several hours after your C-section

For a woman who is undergoing C-section, her legs are subjected to compression devices to things circulating as well as to ease the pain felt during the act. This makes her legs go numb until the devices are withdrawn.

2. Coughing and sneezing will hurt

Once a woman goes through caesarean section, she will have some days feeling the pain once she coughs or sneezes. To ease this, hold a pillow against the abdomen over the incision. This helps in preventing pain that comes with coughs, laughing or sneezing. However, the pain goes off over the course of a few weeks.

3. Stool softeners will become your best friend

For a woman to ease pain after caesarean section delivery, she ought to take meals that soften her stool since pooping becomes a problem. This can also be aided by drinking a lot of water and doing a few exercises such as walking around.