Residents of Matungulu sub-county in Machakos county have decried increased livestock theft in the area.

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In an interview with some of the residents on Saturday morning, they disclosed that in a span of one week close to 10 cows have been stolen and slaughtered by unknown people.

On Friday night four cows were stolen and slaughtered in Koma, Matungulu.

The owner identified as Makau, told hivisasa that he woke up to an empty cowshed on Monday morning.

"I lost three bulls and one cow, we woke up in the morning and found them gone. We followed their footsteps which led us to the place where they were slaughtered," said Makau.

"The thieves carried the meat leaving bones, intestines and skin. They slaughtered them in an open field near Koma shrine," he added.

 Muli Simon, another resident of Matungulu, told Hivisasa that farmers are living in fear that their livestock may be stolen next.

"Our livestock are not safe at all this festive season. Every day there is news of livestock theft in Matungulu and more so here in Komarock," Simon said.

 Sammy Kitua, also a resident of Matungulu, said that some farmers had resorted to selling their cows instead of waiting for them to be stolen.

"It's better to have the cash at hand and invest in something else instead of waiting for thieves to rob you. Many farmers are taking their livestock to the market," Kitua said. 

Suzy Mwelu said that there was a need for security agents to swing in action and catch the perpetrators of the crime.

"We are tired of being told investigations are being done and the thieves are being sought after yet we are losing our livestock. We need action, not knee-jerk reactions that result in nothing," said Mwelu.

"We urge our leaders to engage the necessary departments that will put a stop to livestock theft in the area once and for all," another resident, Amos Mwikya said.