A clean fridge keeps foods stored in it fresh. It is one of the most commonly used kitchen equipment in most homes today. 

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With all the kinds of foods both raw and cooked, different types of drinks or even fruits kept in the fridge, it should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no bad odor comes from it or any sort of food poisoning.

To effectively clean your fridge use these tips;

1. Get all foods out

When you embark on cleaning your refrigerator, ensure you remove all the foods in it. This makes the cleaning easier as you can reach its corners. Ensure you take note of any kind of spoilage so that you do not return it again after cleaning.

2. Take off the removable parts

After clearing the foods in the fridge, remove any part of the fridge that is removable such as the door inserts, the shelves, drawers. Soak and scrub them in warm water using a sponge and soap.

A solution made of water and vinegar serves to kill any germs available on the fridge and also keeps the refrigerator sparkling clean. Ensure you dry them out before returning of the fridge.

3. Wipe inside of the fridge

Take a slightly wet and clean cloth, wipe on the inside of the fridge. Before putting everything back into place, rub some lemons on the fridge, this will make it remain fresh for a few days. Once everything is clean, take back all the items to their respective place.