Army Commander Lieutenant General Walter Raria on Monday officially closed a deadly drilling exercise commonly referred to as Command Post in Nanyuki.

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A CPX is a training program where the troops conduct simulated and realistic training scenarios to empower themselves on sustainment war functioning requirements.

Training is the main preoccupation of the Army during peacetime, accordingly the CPX exercise is one of the routine training exercises the Kenya Army undertakes to improve and maintain proficiency and combat readiness to carry out their mandate in defence of the republic from land based aggression. 

In his visit to the troops taking part in the CPX, Commander Kenya Army Lieutenant General Walter Raria hailed such training avenues noting that they provide soldiers with adequate skills that will enable them to remain the elite force they are, whilst embracing environmental changes and evolving threats in the theater. 

"As an elite force, we need such drilling exercises for us to be alert. We at times make it real so that we can assess the situation and our preparedness," said the commander.

The Deputy Army Commander Major General Thomas Chepkuto also commended the 4 Brigade troops on the conduct of the exercise, apprising themselves in both planning and execution of various military operations tested during the exercise. 

"This year's training was very successful. We never had casualties like in the past. This is an indication that KDF is up to the task and we can handle all emergencies efficiently."

The two-week training included media handling and sustainment-centric collective tasks such as producing concepts of support and logistics synchronization matrices.

KDF is involved in an intensive operations within Somalia and the soldiers have been undergoing modern training on combating Al-Shabaab. On Friday, KDF troops in AMISOM managed to flush Al-Shabaab out of Kismayo following a deadly attack.