We are currently on the festive season and hotdogs which are some of the easiest meals to make are prepared especially for breakfast. 

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A single mistake made when cooking them can ruin one's appetite.

Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when cooking hotdogs;

1. Cooking over direct heat

Hotdogs are made of small pieces of meat that are easily burnt in open flames. You should, therefore, place them on the grill and turn them as frequent as possible to avoid overheating. Ensure that you get the right amount of heat for your hotdogs.

2. Boiling your hotdogs

Even though most hotdogs might appear pink, they are technically cooked and thus boiling them only sucks the flavour out of your hotdogs. According to Candace Conley, a chef and instructor, lightly placing your hotdogs for a period of one minute or two in a covered saucepan of hot water allows your hotdogs to come to temperature without interfering with the flavour.

3. Splitting or poking the hotdogs

While cooking your hotdogs, you might be tempted to poke or split a certain piece to taste whether they are ready. Always remember that hot dogs are usually precooked and therefore splitting them or opening them during cooking can lead to the release of the delicious juices that make them juicy.