It is a dream of most of us to find the person he/she will be able to spend the rest of their lives with. 

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Most of the times people move in together when dating not for marriage but for their own private reasons. They hence act as though they are married.

These kinds of unions are short-lived and in one way favours one party which might lead to a broken relationship. 

These are some of the negative effects associated with cohabiting;

1. Distances people from most social involvements

Those people who live together yet they are not eyeing each other for marriage end up being less active in various social events. Some distant themselves from church since most religions discourages cohabitation.

2. High risks of cheating

Partners who have moved in together but not married tend to cheat on each other because there is no bind to show they are officially together and hence freedom directs each of them to do what they think is good for them.

3. Loss of interest in marriage

Most people think that cohabiting make the road smooth towards marriage, this just kills the urge to marry and one of them might delay the marriage even longer.

After cohabiting most people think that marriage is not attractive and they end up losing interest in it. Some try the best they can to avoid it. This is contributed by the fact that they might not be willing to solve any problem that arises within them because they have not legalized their union.