Political analyst Prof Herman Manyora has spoken after the hostility Khalwale faced on Thursday in Kibra.

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This is after he was manhandled and abused in Kibra. At some point, he picked stones to protect himself, images that have been making rounds on social media.

Manyora now says that this is the realization of a curse that was cast on him by Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli months ago.

In the 'curse', Atwoli, who is opposed to Luhya politicians backing Deputy President William Ruto, said that Khalwale will die poor, resulting in attacks from Khalwale, a Ruto ally.

Manyora now says that Atwoli is appearing to be having his way, and Khalwale is appearing to be on the receiving end, and now wants the trade unionist to have mercy on the politician.

In a recorded political analysis show on Saturday, he said that he will reach out to both leaders for a possible solution, warning that otherwise, Atwoli's 'curse' will materialize.

"Atwoli, please undo the curse because you said that Khalwale will die a poor man and the images we got of Khalwale is one if a person likely to go where you said," he appealed.

He also observed that Khalwale's actions are a shame to a man of his calibre, considering that he has for long been in the leadership arena.

He pointed out that the former Ford Kenya Deputy Party Leader has messed himself up politically, and might have embarked on his way to losing his political influence.

"The picture that came out in this elections, of Boni Khalwale, a medical doctor, three times a Member of Parliament, a senator, almost a governor, being seen carrying stones, has finished him," he added.

Khalwale found himself in trouble with Kibra's Laini Saba residents after he appeared there, after weeks of campaigning for Jubilee Party candidate McDonald Mariga.

Supporters of the ODM party, whose candidate Imran Okoth won the race, have been blamed for the violent encounter, and many more against Jubilee Party members.