Presidemt Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto might once again find themselves at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Kipkelion West MP Hillary Kosgei has warned.

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The MP who is part of the Rift Valley leaders opposed to the ongoing Mau Forest evictions threatened that they will take the route should the government not stop the evictions.

Speaking on Wednesday, he said that should the government continue harassing the settlers, they are ready to sue it to the Hague-based court for mass displacement of people.

He said that in the instance that the government fails to intervene and watches as police burn houses as is common during such exercises, they will consider the suit.

"Should they be evicted and their houses burnt we will sue at the ICC for mass displacement of people (Kama watu watatolewa pale na wachomewe manyumba tutaenda ICC maana hiyo ni mass displacement of people)," he said.

The MP made the remarks on Radio Maisha's Bunge La Maisha, where he wondered why the state is unwilling to listen to the plight of the settlers.

The lawmaker insisted that the evictees are not occupying forest land but rather parcels of land set aside for settlement, and have documents to prove their ownership of it.

In the instance that they must leave, he said, it would only be reasonable if they were compensated, wondering why the government cannot use Sh3 billion to settle them elsewhere yet it's losing more to corruption.

"Settling the Mau issue completely only needs Sh3 billion which is a little amount which the government has. Soon you will hear that Sh40 billion has disappeared. We only need Sh3 billion."