President Uhuru Kenyatta has feted a Garissa based senior Muslim cleric for his role in the fight against violent extremism.

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Sheikh Hassan Abdullahi thanked the President on Thursday in Garissa town for recognizing him in promoting peace in Garissa.

President Uhuru further recognized the cleric for promoting peace and co-existence between community and clans in the region.

Warring communities in the region have been feuding over a long-running boundary dispute and limited natural resources that has negatively affected the growth of the region in terms of development.

Sheikh Abdullahi who is also the chairman of Garissa sub-county peace committee teaches that radicalization and violent extremism has no place in their religion.

He said speaking out against extremist groups in Garissa through the sub-county security and peace committee is required by the religion.

Sheikh Abdullahi who is also a member of Supreme council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) said the fight against terrorism should be supported by everyone.

“Extremist groups have used the Koran to portray Islam as a violent religion that doesn’t accommodate other faiths.” 

“There is nowhere in the scriptures that says you must kill another to go to paradise. I have been giving sermons in the mosque and any other public forums against actions of terrorism. I thank the President for recognizing these efforts,” Sheikh Abdullahi said as quoted by