Retired President Daniel Arap Moi celebrated his 95th birthday on Tuesday, September 2 last month.

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To live nine decades and a half is so impressive of the former head of state seeing life expectancy in Kenya for males is 64 years, according to the latest World Health Organisation (WHO) data published in 2018.

According to Lee Njiru, who served as Moi's press secretary, the former President's secret to long life is in his family genes.

"His family is known for longevity. They live long," said Njiru, who served Moi for over four decades.

In an interview published by the Daily Nation on 'Moi Day' last year, Njiru dismissed claims that the secret of Kenya's second and longest-serving head of state was in the food he eats.

"I have heard people say that Moi does not eat meat, but the centrality of Moi’s food is meat. Other things, like vegetables and ugali, are additions."

"He slaughters an animal every day, mostly Merino sheep. His is not a matter of food, but genetics. Let people not cheat you. Moi eats meat like a lion," he said.

However, it is important to note the Moi is very choosy on what he eats and has never taken alcohol.

"He loves eating boiled green maize for breakfast with either porridge or tea and does not take alcohol and influenced those around him while in power not to drink in his presence." 

Moi had only one known wife, Helena Bomett, who he married in 1950 and passed on in 2004.

The couple had eight children including Baringo Senator Gideon Moi and the late Jonathan Moi.