Few days after highlighting of a case where tree branches hanged on power lines in Nyamataro estate, Kenya Power and Lighting Company has cleared them.

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According to residents, the branches had grown to an extent of coiling around live wires completely, posing a risk to connected houses.

Being a residential area as per the tenants, the incident could have caused severe accidents to kids who might be tempted to play along them.

According to Tree care Industry Association, tree branches can conduct electricity. When trees grow near overhead electrical wires, they can contact the wires and subsequently conduct electricity.

The Kisii Kenya Power regional sales manager Mr Mang'era Moronge admitted the company was not aware of the case until it was highlighted by the media.

"We will work on the case immediately. Always keep such cases coming we are equal to the task," Mang'era told the reporter.

A number of residents who had spoken to the writer, accused KPLC of failing to conduct frequent inspections in the area thus exposing them to various risks.

"As consumers, we deserve safety as well. KPLC should consider doing routine inspections to rectify such cases. They can turn out to be tragic," a resident had said.

KPLC is contracted to supply power across tge country by Kengen, the body that produces electricity. For years, KPLC has monopolised the business.