Police spokesman Charles Owino has dismissed claims that ODM party plotted against his failed bid for Inspector General of Police.

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In April, National Police Service settled on Mr Hillary Mutyambai as the successor to Joseph Boinet, despite Owino being one of experienced cops.

On Saturday, Owino was quoted in Ugenya claiming that former Ugenya MP Chris Karan hinted about possibility of the ODM party blocking his bid.

While maintaining that Karan did warn him against supporting David Ochieng' the eventual winner of the by-election, Owino however, said that he does not have grudge with ODM and leader Raila Odinga.

"It's in the public domain that Karan warned me about my future ambitions," he told a local publication, Monday.

"I have no grudge with anyone, including Raila. You know I defended the work of the police very robustly and some people, especially politicians, did not understand that I was doing my job," Owino said.

He said that IG does not get picked by the opposition, adding that the role is done by the executive and NPS.

"Who in this country does not know who appoints the Inspector General? The opposition has many roles, but the appointment of IG is not one of their jobs. That is the work of the executive," he said.