The National government has moved speedily to respond to distress calls by Embu residents following the latest locusts' invasion. 

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Embu became county number eleven among those that have experienced locust invasion menace.

Agricultural Ministry on Saturday dispatched an aircraft for the spraying exercise as well as trained personnel to Mbeere South, where the pests were reportedly destroying the muguka crop.

The government was highly concerned in ensuring that the locusts were fought before they could spread to other areas, according to Deputy County Commissioner, Mbeere South Charles Igiha.

Igiha promised residents that the exercise was effective and assured that the pests would be soon contained. 

"The government has responded very fast, and there should be no cause for alarm," said the DCC, as quoted by Nation.

At first, residents attempted using smoke from pepper to chase away the pests, before the method proved futile and they decided to cry for help from the government. 

They were afraid how the invasion would cause untold suffering due to hunger if measures were not taken soon.

Kiambere MCA Lenny Mwaniki on Monday expressed his joy following the government's quick response. 

"The aircraft is here and the spraying is going on well. Initially my people were worried when they saw millions of locusts ravaging their crops, but now they are relieved," said Mwaniki. 

The area MP Geoffrey King'ang'i called upon the government to ensure that the spraying do not leave until all affected regions were attended to. 

"The locust are so many and the officers should not leave until they are controlled," urged King'ang'i.