Renowned Kikuyu radio presenter Njogu Wa Njoroge recently made a comeback to DSM Place which houses both Kameme FM and Kameme TV among other stations under the Mediamax stable.

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This marked the third time that Njogu left for greener pastures only to find his way back to where it all started after a short while. 

The presenter first left Kameme FM for Inooro FM in 2006 to host the latter's breakfast show (Hagaria) alongside Waithira Muithirania. Before then, he was Kameme FM's host for the rival show (Arahuka).

In 2010, he would, however, make a comeback after Kameme FM changed ownership from then-owner Rose Kimotho to President Uhuru Kenyatta's family which was then reported to be the main shareholder until recently.

Hardly four years later, Njogu would again abandon Kameme FM in 2013 to Radio Africa's Gukena FM where he would be the new station's breakfast host. At Gukena, his on-air fortunes and ratings nosedived despite the huge pay he was alleged to be receiving.

He is now back at Mediamax Network, this time on Kameme TV breakfast show doing the same thing he was doing on radio. As such, you may want to ask yourself, what is this special thing with Njogu Wa Njoroge that the Kameme brand sees in him that it keeps wooing him back even after they become strange bedfellows?

Here are some few observations.

1. Maybe he does not bang the door while leaving

It is typical of many employees to 'defecate' on the old bed they were sleeping on, upon finding a new one, read greener pastures, perhaps unaware that they might need it some other time in future. Njogu seems to be wary of this fact and perhaps that is the reason Kameme keeps on wooing him back.

2. He is simply the 'kayu ka muingi' (voice of the people)

Even though this Kameme FM slogan was still there long before Njogu joined the station for the first time, when he came, he lived it and owned it. That is why Kikuyu audience widely perceives him as the only radio presenter who can voice their grievances and something be done about them.

3. Proximity to power

Since 2013 when President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power, Njogu has perhaps been much closer to Uhuru than many of his perceived political allies. He also has the President's ear to an extent that some argue that he can call and meet him at will. True or otherwise, it is just an indication of how the presenter wields much influence that Kameme FM isn't ready to lose for good any time soon!

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