Renowned Kikuyu gospel artiste Sammy Irungu has been exposed badly through a recorded phone conversation being circulated widely on social media.

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The six-minute audio recording features a heated exchange between Irungu and a lady who is heard asking him why he failed to turn up for a church event the previous day despite pocketing Sh15,000.

The singer replies that he was away in Dubai where he missed his return flight ahead of the church performance adding that he had just arrived.

From the other side of the call, the lady requests the hit singer to then refund the money he had been paid noting that it was gotten through a fundraiser.

Irungu, nevertheless, rejects the idea of refunding the cash and asks the lady and her church to organise another event where he will perform other than refunding the money.

The conversation which begins somberly, however, takes an ugly turn and tone when the lady insists on refund noting that the church has no plans for another event in the near future.

Irungu who is known for hit songs such as 'Maithori Makwa', 'Jakubu' among many others, at this point turns nasty and begins throwing unprintable words at the lady whom he tells that Sh15,000 is 'for buying snacks'.

He goes ahead to 'educate' the lady who at this point is evidently shocked by his arrogant outburst, that he is a highflying artiste who bags hundreds of thousands in a single performance and as such, she should give him peace and stop pestering him with endless phone calls over 'pesa ya snacks'.

When the lady tells him that she is aware that he has defrauded many other people the same way and that she will expose his runaway conmanship and trickery, Irungu calls her a 'prostitute and dog'  while warning her against calling him again.