There was drama in Nyanchwa area of Kisii County on Thursday when a disabled businessman was denied a chance to vacate his house.

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Reuben Manyara, the proprietor of Four Seasons Salon in Kisii Town decided to vacate his two-bedroom house at Hazike Flats. He lives in the first floor and has to be carried every day to and from the house.

According to Manyara, he had stayed at the apartment for just three weeks and paid Sh20,000 rent and a deposit for the month of September.

He later informed the caretaker of his intention to move out in October.

"I paid Sh10,000 rent and a deposit of the same amount in September but migrate to this house in October where I have been staying with my wife and son but I have found it difficult staying here since I have to be carried to the house always," said Manyara.

After alerting the caretaker of his intention to move out, he was told to pay Sh10,000 rent. The caretaker also told him that he would get his deposit back if the house was in good condition.

Hassan Simba, the owner of the flat said that he had no objection to Manyara moving out but he had to adhere to regulations binding a tenant and his landlord.

"Manyara has been my tenant since September. He is free to move out if he pays this month's rent and will get back his deposit once my caretaker certifies that the house is in good condition as he found it, if not, it will be repaired and I will be charged and given the remaining amount of money," said Simba.