Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has responded after being accused of abandoning renowned boxer Conjestina Achieng. 

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In a video shared on Facebook, Sonko told off his accuser, veteran Kenyan footballer and sports commentator Boniface Ambani, adding that he should keep off from Conjestina's affairs.

Reacting to a story published on Hivisasa, Sonko noted that Conjestina is okay and currently in a rehabilitation facility at the city.

"I want to tell you Ambani, ile kitu huelewi (anything you don't understand) you shut up you beak. Wacha ushenzi bana (Stop being ignorant). Mambo ya Conje wachaneni nayo (Don't talk about Conjestina affairs). Mimi dio nilimwendea na ako sawa (I am the one who brought her here and she is okay). I will just call her right away because ako kwa rehab yetu apo City Park( she is in our rehab at City Park)," he said.

He dismissed claims that he was using Conjestina's health problems as a public relation (PR) stunt, adding that he does not engage in such stunts with people he helps.

Conjestina has been struggling with mental issues that saw her undergo treatment at the Mathari mental hospital.

In an interview on NTV on Tuesday, Ambani accused Sonko of abandoning Conjestina after playing PR with her.

"Conjestina, just look at what happened. Sonko went with a lot of PR, they should stop. He went there with the intention of rescuing Conjestina but abandoned her later on. (Conjestina mwenyewe angalia ni nini ilifanyika. Sonko alienda, PR mingi wanafaa wawache. Alienda huko ati anaenda kurescue Conjestina baadae akamwacha), " Ambani fired.