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3 reasons it feels “embarrassing” to crush on a girl next door

Denis Joseph
A slum neighbourhood. The closeness of the dwelling structures hinder privacy. [Photo/]

Love is one feeling that finds anyone anywhere. However, if you find yourself in this situation with your neighbor in the same rental apartment especially in low-income areas, then you will think twice.

These are the reasons:

1.No privacy

It is near impossible to do anything without your ‘crush’ noticing. This is because residential structures are so close that you can even hear the conversation that is happening in the next room. This means that you cannot get out and you are on your lover’s watch all the time.

2.Many awkward moments

It is understandable that living conditions in slums are not fancy. Therefore, it is embarrassing to bump into the girl of your dreams doing some odd jobs. It is also unbelievable that you will be sharing the unclean sanitation facilities together. These are the moments people harbouring strong admiration feelings for each other feel embarrassed about.

3. Your condition is known: 

Many guys when they feel attracted to a girl, they will in most cases, lie about their economic conditions in a move to try and lure the girl into their fantasies. You don’t have the so many things that you will hope she will want. 

However, if you are in love with your neighbour in the ghetto, then, you will be caught if you lie.

But if you truly love someone, they will never look down on

you regardless of where you are coming from. They say love is from the heart and not from the eyes. Therefore, don’t feel embarrassed; just go in and tell her about how you feel.

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