Youths in Bonchari Sub-County in Kisii County have been warned against being used by politicians to spread lies on social media.

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In what Bonchari MP John Oyioka referred to as high rate of local youths spreading propaganda and rumuors about leaders on social media, he warned the youth.

"I want to tell Bonchari youths that social media did not come for them to misuse to spread propaganda and tell lies about leaders," said Oyioka.

The lawmaker added that he would not allow them to tarnish his name and suggested that anyone who and issues with him go to his officeand tallk to him in person.

"Personally, I will not allow youths to tarnish my name on social media. My office is open for the youths to walk in and have their issues addressed to instead of being given bundles by my rivals to write misleading messages on social media," he added.

 He appealed to police officers not to spare any youths idling in the constituency writing false information on social media. 

According to Oyioka, local youths should venture into constructive activities to boost their living standards instead of depending on handouts from politicians. 

"Youths in Bonchari are literate but the problem is idleness something that makes them opt to post wrong information on social media. Local politicians should also ensure they are empowering the youths instead of misusing them," he added. 

He was speaking on Wednesday at Suneka CDF offices.