Malindi Member of parliament Aisha Jumwa has said that the Building Bridges Initiative and the Handshake was about inclusivity.

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In a video posted on her Facebook page Jumwa said that it was sad some communities were left out during Cabinet reshuffle and appointments by the president.

She called upon Coast residents and more so the Mijikenda to avoid discussing the BBI.

"Tumeonyeshwa kwamba it's not about us why should we discuss it in the first place? We are not convinced that the BBI is about inclusivity. I beg you to come out and speak so that our voices can be heard," said Jumwa.

"In all those who were appointed no man or woman was from the Mijikenda community yet we are being told BBI is about inclusivity, as a Mijikenda leader I feel bad," she added.

He said that the Mijikenda community was equal to other communities in the country and needed to be recognized and included.

She said that the BBI is meant to find positions for a few individuals.

"They are telling us to meet in Tononoka and discuss the BBI, what are we going to do, help few individuals get portions?" she asked. She said that her community was going through a lot that needed discussing than the BBI. "Historical injustices, Land issues and other things are troubling us and all we are being told is to and discuss the BBI," she said.