Renowned academic and socio-political commentator Professor Makau Mutua has weighed in on the Kenyan government's handling of the deadly Coronavirus.

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In a highly critical tweet, Prof Mutua appeared to take issue with the manner in which the Kenyan government was handling the Coronavirus issue that has caused governments across the world to be on high alert.

He urged the state to cancel all flights from and to China so as to protect Kenyans.

"The three CORONAVIRUS suspects in Kenya have tested NEGATIVE. Next one might be POSITIVE. The state shouldn’t play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with the lives of Kenyans. Stop all flights to — and from — China. States that care for their citizens have done so. Let’s avoid the EPIDEMIC, " Professor Makau Mutua wrote in his Sunday night Twitter post.

The novel virus was first discovered in Wuhan city in China.

It has killed tens of people and infected hundreds more according to media reports.

The Kenyan government, through the ministry of health, said that it is on high alert to prevent the disease from spreading to Kenya.

Officials in China have taken measures to contain the spread of the virus, including banning movements in the worst hit areas and New Year celebrations.

A hospital in Wuhan which took days to complete was handed over to the Chinese military on Sunday