Most professional jobs requires both male and female employees to be in trouser suits. Some people might also wish to rock in a suit at different times or during certain events, it is therefore important to ensure that your suit fits well as this will speak much about you.

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In addition to this, being comfortable in a suit makes you more confident and  hence it is worth to check if it is doing you some justice.

Here's five things to note so that your suit fits perfectly;

1. The shoulder

The shoulder of your jacket should be flat and hug just as your shoulders without folding or hanging too much. 

2.  The chest space

For your suit to fit well, ensure it is not too tight or too large making you look untidy. You can check it by placing your hand into your suit jacket when buttoned up. In case you struggle to get your hand in, then your jacket is quite tight.

3.  The jacket sleeve length

In order to ensure that your jacket its you perfectly, let your jacket have an ideal sleeve length. The sleeve length should cover the shirt or blouse entirely but should leave a small band of the shirt or blouse possibly half an inch.

4. The trouser break

For your trouser to fit well, the hem of the trouser should slightly touch the top of your shoe but should go below that.

5. Jacket closure

When trying which suit to buy, ensure you check its appearance once you button it. The button should close without struggle and the jacket should  not have folds.