Men and women can be the same when it comes to accomplishing their goals in life. However, did you know that the female body is actually different from the male body not only in terms of physical appearance? 

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Here are three things most men don't know about the female body.

1. Breasts are not of the same size

No woman on earth has got breasts of the same size. All women's breasts are not of the same size, though this is not something that can be easily noticed especially when one is wearing clothes. One breast is always bigger than the other.

2. Women feel cold easily

How often do you hear men complaining that they are feeling cold? This is very rare. However, when it comes to ladies, they feel cold easily, sometimes even when the weather is not cold. This is because men have more body mass on average compared to women.

3. Women have a sharp memory

Ladies are very sharp when it comes to memory. They can remember almost everything including a person she saw while she was a child. This is because women's brains are believed to have greater recall and memory compared to those of their male counterparts.