Two weeks ago, Mediamax Network Limited, the umbrella company that owns Kameme FM and a bunch of other radio stations and two TV stations effected a retrenchment of 160 employees, something that critics have come to describe as the bloodiest layoff in Kenya's recent corporate history.

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The media company associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, in carrying out the infamous exercise, argued that it was aiming to 'cut costs and streamline operations' amid shrinking advertising revenues.

The 'massacre' as some described it, cut across all the company's outlets with Kameme FM losing among others renowned presenters Moses Kanyira and Njuguna Gicheha alias Man Nyari who was recalled a week later after a fierce backlash from his many fans who threatened to boycott Kameme FM if Man Nyari was not recalled.

The station did bow to pressure from Nyari's loyal fanbase and rehired him to continue hosting his popular Saturday morning show 'Njanjo ya Muturire' that seeks to reunite lost relatives with their families.

While Nyari may have won the battle at least for now thanks to his loyal fans, he should not blow the whistle as he is not yet out of the woods.

His second stint at Kameme FM will definitely be a steeply and slippery climb for the following reasons.

1. Moses Kanyira was also there

Early 2018 when the same station controversially fired news presenter Moses Kanyira, a similar backlash by his fans would see Kameme FM recall him to continue with his duties at DSM Place (Mediamax HQs) hardly two weeks after it sacked him.

Less than two years later, the station would fire the same presenter alongside other Mediamax employees on redundancy basis.

As Man Nyari may have already realised, Kanyira's fans this time round are conspicuously silent. The same can happen to him in the near future if he doesn't work to reinvent himself and prove his worthiness beyond his popular show.

2. He still remains a potential target in a future purge

The reasons that had made Kameme FM render Man Nyari redundant still persists even after he was rehired. As such, he remains a potential target in a future 'purge' unless he proves himself otherwise.

3. His stay is pegged on his show's continued popularity

Nyari's relevance at Kameme FM will undoubtedly be there as long as his weekly show continues to enjoy good ratings. As such, he must be more creative to keep the show soaring high and higher because as it is now, it is his only lifeline at Kameme FM.

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