Famous Kamba benga artist Ken Wa Maria has joined the political arena and declared himself fit for Machakos senatorial seat 2022. 

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While unveiling his candidature on his official Facebook page, the benga artist asked his fans and followers to support him and also give him a chance to lead them as their senator in the coming election. 

Ken Wa Maria switching from entertainment to politics means he will have to do a lot and even work hard so as to convince people that he is the right person to take that position. 

Despite having a good number of followers in the county as a musician, winning the election will not be that easy as there are few things that can hinder him;

1. His competitors

The 2022 Machakos senatorial race will be a battle of titans. It is expected to feature heavyweights from different political parties. As a man who has no experience in politics, defeating his competitors will be hard. This is because many of his competitors have strong grassroots support in the county. 

2. The party that he will use

Winning the Machakos senatorial seat for Ken Wa Waria will be determined by the party that he will use to contest in 2022. This is because he will need support from powerful politicians in the region to ease his win. Also, in the Eastern region, parties matter a lot in an election. Going as an independent candidate will deny him a chance to win as defeating his competitors from Wiper and Maendeleo Chap Chap parties will be a hard thing. This is because the two parties have a good number of followers in the county.