British giant media house Sky News seems to have after all deleted an article that 'exposed' the identity of an alleged stowaway who fell from KQ plane.

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A man believed to be a Kenya fell off from London skies meters away from Heathrow Airport, with reports indicating that he was 'frozen'

Preliminary Investigations indicated that the mysterious man could have been a Kenyan owing to the fact that he had some Kenyan coins.

Early this month, Sky News identified the man as Paul Manyasi, who hailed from interior parts of Western Kenya based on the investigations.

In the article, Sky News interviewed a woman believed to be his lover. They also interviewed people believed to be his parents.

However, days after publishing the article, the alleged parents denied claims that their son was dead, adding that he was in prison.

Also disputed was the name. The family insisted that the son is called Cedric Shivonje. The father, Isaac Beti, said he heard the son had been arrested over defilement.

And in an interesting twist of events, Sky News seemed to have pulled down the story following the controversy.

The story which was titled "Plane stowaway: Who was Kenyan man who fell from the sky" could not be found.

"We're sorry. The page you are looking for cannot be found. You may have followed a broken or outdated link, or there may be an error on our site," the message reads.

Last week, Mr Beti threatened to sue the Sky News team, arguing that the story may have been fabricated to suit the media house' interest.

”Itabidi nimewashtaki kwa sababu naamini bado kijana wangu ako,” he told journalists.

Investigations reveal that one Shivonje is remanded at Kamiti after a short spell at Industrial Prison. The identity of Paul Manyasi now remains a mystery.