Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho made a solemn pledge to President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday.

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Speaking during the launch of the Bandari Maritime Academy, the county boss assured the head of state that he would lead the charge of non-confrontational politics and to support the president's efforts at fighting corruption and uniting the country.

"The only thing we will talk about on platforms is the war against corruption and the war that you started on corruption. (Kitu ambayo tutaropoka nayo kwa majukwaa ni vita dhidi ya ufisadi, vita ulivyoanza kuunganisha Wakenya), " the Mombasa governor said.

"We want to assure your excellency that we will never ever speak at each other, " he added.

Governor Joho contended that the time for seeking compromise and amicable solutions to issues had come, saying that the country was in transition from the "era of talking at each other to the era of talking with each other."

Prior to the dramatic handshake, President Uhuru and Governor Joho were locked in a vicious war of words that saw the Mombasa County boss blocked from attending the president's functions in the county.

The two leaders have appeared together on several occasions since the handshake, signalling the end of the bad blood that characterised their pre-handshake relationship.