Confusion is becoming a better part of farmers mostly from Laikipia after attempts to fight invading locusts seem futile. Another swarm reportedly invaded Laikipia West through what is viewed as migration from Laikipia North.

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The latest invasion has left farmers in despair not knowing what to do. The swarms are now said to have invaded parts of Rumuruti, Gatundia and Marmanet, leaving farmers afraid. "I woke up only to find the pests in my farm which really shocked me," said Ms Waceke Hannah, a Gatundia farmer.

Farmers are now urging both devolved and national governments to move in speedily and arrest the situation before the worst happens. 

"We urge those tasked with spraying and control exercise to devote efforts in the area and curb any further destruction," said Marmanet MCA Simon Kanyutu.

Laikipia County executive Lucy Murugi revealed that counties like Isiolo, Meru and Samburu were in touch with National government and private sectors and Northern Rangelands Trust who were working in an attempt to arrest the situation.

"Farmland aviation was contracted and whereby spraying exercise kicked off last week between Isiolo and Laikipia border," said Ms Murugi. Fears emerged on Wednesday after revelations that the exercise might take longer given that some pesticides being used were ineffective. 

"Adult pests are not feeling the effect of the pesticides, which means that the spraying might be fully effective. We are contemplating using manual sprayers possibly with other chemicals instead," said a certain representative.

Isiolo Agricultural chief officer Mr. Jillo Salad, confirmed the ineffectiveness of the pesticides. Jillo dared higher learning institutions to come out and capture the pests, exposing them to various chemicals to establish which one would be effective.