Machakos governor Dr Alfred Mutua is among the respected leaders in the country. He is a man who has a great interest in leading the country after making Machakos be that admirable by many people. 

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On 25th February this year, while addressing the county representatives in Machakos stadium, the Machakos county boss revealed the unexpected about the deputy president Ruto that surprised many people in the country.  

In his speech, he reminded people of how Ruto and Cyrus Jirongo made money lost in the country in 1992

“Other people like Jirongo, His Excellency Ruto and others in those days of Youth for Kenya in 1992, they made sure that money has lost countrywide,” he said

(Wengine kama Jirongo na mheshimiwa Ruto na wengine wakati huo wa youth for Kenya 1992 walieka msingi kwa njia yao pesa zikapotea kila mahali kenya)

In African tradition, a person who can make money lost is not a good person. Many termed his praise as a joke and feel like he had other meaning. Some also think that he exposed Ruto out to Kenyans and made them understand the kind of person he will be if he will be elected as president in 2022.

 Mutua and the deputy president Dr William Ruto have made it open to Kenyans that they will be in the presidential ballot box in next general election